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November 13, 2013

Gulf News - Silicon Oasis Tenants Asked to Vacate as Owner Seeks to Profit from Rising Rents

"Law No. 26/2007 states a landlord can ask a tenant to vacate the unit for personal use. However, a legal notice has to be given 12 months in advance from the end of the lease period."

Mr. Abdul Hasib Khan, a tenant from Axis 5 building in Silicon Oasis since 2010, asked by their landlord to vacate but they have moved just six month ago. Clearly on this situation, the law is abided as it needs to be send an eviction notice to the tenant 2 months in advance from the end of their leasing period. Primary reason that Mr. Abdul thinks why they are evicted on their apartment is because of the hike in flat/apartment rentals and the owner wants to gain from it.

Agents say landlords do this to regain higher rentals on annual rent increase. Mr. Abdul mentioned the time provided for them to move out and look for another apartment is too short and can cost them higher compare to what they already have.

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