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November 25, 2015

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UAE Family Matters Q&A: The Obligations of Being Guardian to Your Child

When parents are divorced, contact with a child in any ways is called visitation, on which is very essential on parent-child relationship. Guardian are entitled to visit, but sometimes it depends on the contract and court's order. The child cannot be taken away or move to another country. Since the visitation rights should be applied to the court and granted, it will take some time or some conditions on which both parties should agree.

Child's future is not just the main responsibility as a guardian, but also supervising, protecting, and educating them is what matters the most. Decision regarding schooling and medical treatment is also at stake, providing the best that a guardian can give to the child. Guiding them to the right way in moral and religion is also an obligation of the father as a guardian.

Guardianship is automatically given to a father/mother on child, but it can also be removed. If the guardian committed rape, disgracing conduct or prostitution, and received a punishment for a felony crime or misdeamenor can be a reason for guardianship removal either permanent or temporary. As on this behaviors or crimes, child well being will be affected as well. Excessive danger of the child because of a guardian is also considered as a reason on removing the guardianship. On removal of guardianship, the court will temporarily decide where to hand over the child, either to a specialised social organization or to a close relative that can take care of the child.

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