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December 12, 2010

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The National - Divorcees Could Pay Their Alimony via an ATM

Divorce brings a massive changes into the life of a man and the woman, including their kids as well. Things cannot be returned back to normal easier in terms of emotion, social interaction, lifestyle, and financial status. On Sharia law, "nafaqa" or alimony covers support of husband (or man) to the needs of wife and kids. It is calculated from the husband's salary and assets after the divorce, usually paid to the wife thru cash or bank transfers.

On this article, payment of alimony can be transferred or processed within different ATMs across the country. It is a new solution towards easy payment and accessibility anytime and anywhere. Considering the dispute within this matter, other women prefer not taking it to the court and live their life without alimony.

If the husband does not pay after one month, they can put him in jail or otherwise, it can seize his assets or transfer the money directly to the woman. Because the court has a wide-range of power, women can take a legal action towards the man if he refused to pay the alimony. Through this idea, paying for alimony as a necessity after divorce is stressed and mainly a man's responsibility.

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