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June 16, 2015

In UAE, Swearing on WhatsApp Could Cost You $68,000

The Federal Supreme Court, based in the capital Abu Dhabi, recently overruled two lower court sentences fining a man convicted of swearing on Whatsapp at a colleague $800. The sentence was deemed "too lenient."

The defendant was prosecuted under the Cyber Crimes Law after the claimant presented his cell phone to prove he received "insulting words" from the accused.

Expatriates could also face a potential deportation from the country under the new federal law, reported Emirates 24/7 News.

The fine will be paid to authorities, Hassan Elhais, a senior partner at Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultants, explained to Al Arabiya News.

Elhais added that the hefty fine was "enough to deter people" from insulting others online.

"Some people can use the internet to destroy the reputation of others, so there must be some kind of control on the matter," he said.

The fine would be paid to the authorities, but the victim can still request compensation for the damages, noted the legal consultant.

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