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July 23, 2013

The National - International Coverage of UAE Law: Ignorance Is No Excuse

Whether you're living in Dubai as an expat or a local citizen, knowing the coverage of UAE law is a responsibility and not an excuse to everything you are doing. Not simply because it's their law, but it also adds as an extra protection on your every action and also for the others. UAE law is not strictly based on Islamic Sharia law, but some elements or part are derived from it.

"Saying that the criminal law in Dubai is from Sharia law and needs witnesses, this is not true. The information is totally false and misleading."

There is a case of Marte Dalelv, a Norwegian woman working as an interior designer from Oman, who claimed that she was raped by a colleague which is later admitted by her that it was a consensual sex. This issue later on shakes and criticizes the UAE legal system and grabs the attention of international people. Based on the UAE penal code, it is legally correct that Ms. Dalelv should be jailed after admitting it, regardless of her motivation. The reports did not make it clear if she had drop the rape charge and admitted to a consensual sex.

In UAE people are well protected by law, but others prefer to ignore it or they don't know anything about it. Ignorance in UAE law is not an excuse, whether you are the victim or not.

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