How to choose a right law firm for you?

In the UAE, plenty type of law firms exists. Some law firms have advocates and legal consultants that are best with their style. If the firm has advocacy and legal consultancy license that means they have both Arabic lawyers and local advocates. Such type of license allows the advocates to appear in the criminal investigation and criminal cases. Not much law firms in Dubai having such type of license as you may find law firms in Dubai and Abu Dhabi having license of legal consultancy only. Such type of license would not allow working lawyers to appear in the court. However, they still give them the right to appear in DIFC Courts. It is important to note that it is not possible to find criminal lawyers and legal consultants in the firms if the firm itself doesn’t have the right to appear in criminal court or in criminal cases.

The client can easily finds out if the law firm has the right for court audience or not or if they have criminal lawyers or not or can appear in the courts or not from the trade name. If the trade name has the word advocates and legal consultancy, then they have the right for court audience. But if the UAE law firms have the name of legal consultancy without the name of advocates that means you won’t find lawyers in their team who could attend the court audience. Such Dubai legal consultants firm have to instruct law firm or advocate in Dubai from advocates and legal consultants firms to appear on their behalf.

Al Rowaad Advocates and Legal Consultant with its local and Arab speaking lawyers has the right court audience in the UAE Courts and criminal investigations. Our law firm has been instructed by top law firms in Dubai in plenty of legal cases that have appeared on behalf of their clients. We have been previously instructed in many cases, many of the corporate lawyers in Dubai and many In House Counsels. The criminal law in Dubai has very developed legal structure as it mainly contains various law that deals with specific crimes such as cyber-crime law, anti-terrorism crime law, narcotics law, traffic laws, immigration laws and many other laws. That’s why having experience mainly in criminal law, precisely has become more and more important. It has been noticed that even some property advocates have instructed our lawyers just to deal with the criminal side or criminal cases arose from the dispute occurred on the property. Being a full service law firm Al Rowaad advocates had the privilege and the advantage to deal with all client’s need for all kind of litigation. From property to commercial to civil and all other kind of cases. With having an office in Abu Dhabi or having a branch law firm in Abu Dhabi, we have a dedicated lawyer’s team who provides proficient service to hundreds of clients.

Our firm has been chosen as the best law firm in the UAE by plenty of magazines and publishers.

Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultants - Awards & Accolades

Such magazine selects only top law firms in Dubai.

Being a full service law firm we built the team of legal advisors, legal consultants, local advocates and legal secretary to work in liaison with each other for clients’ best interest. You may find even some legal consultant in law firms having license from free zone like DIFC, ADGM or DMMC. But the most important thing is if you are dealing with law firm in Dubai or lawyers in Dubai you have to make sure that the legal affairs department is the authority who issued their license. It is illegal by Dubai laws to practice law without having approval from these authorities. You may easily know if the law firm is licensed from offshore or free zone if you check the extension of the name. You may find it if you search for the word FZE in the extension of the name that could mean that company licenses issued from one of the free zones.

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