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Many newcomers to the UAE are often unaware of the important differences in the country's penal code to the general situation in their home countries. While there are many similarities between penal codes in the countries jurisdictions.

However, there are some acts that are deemed crimes in the UAE Penal Code while they are normal acts in other laws, such as consuming alcohol or practicing sexual relations beyond marriage frame.

Alcohol Consumption

The particulars of this law are in some cases complicated, but in essence it is illegal for Muslims to consume any alcohol at all, while non-Muslims are required to have a license in order to do so. Individuals caught contravening this law may face prison terms of up to six months and fines.

This is a commonly defended charge and Mr. Elhais is up to date with methods of successful defence in these instances.

Consensual Sex

In the UAE it is a crime to have even consensual sex with someone to whom you are not married and can attract penalties of a prison term of up to 3 years and deportation.

Mr. Elhais has experience advising such matters in the past and will work to get any such charge lowered or dropped.

Cyber Crimes

This area of law covers the gamut of potential crimes online, from illegal downloads to computer hacking, fraud, and possessing or distributing pornography. Individuals should not assume their usage is anonymous but that the UAE authorities are keeping tabs on internet usage inside the country.

There are huge resources dedicated to policing cyber crime including seizing of computers and files associated to the accused. Penalties for charges under cyber crime laws include long terms of imprisonment or imprisonment and fines and in addition to deportation. The impacts of being charged under such crimes can be disastrous and individuals facing such a situation must defend themselves in the strongest possible manner in order to minimize any harm.

Mr. Elhais has the expertise necessary to advise these crimes of the modern era. You can contact Mr. Elhais to discuss your legal options in defence of your rights.

Defamation and Insult

These acts, contrary to other jurisdictions particularly in the Western world, are considered offences under criminal law in the UAE and therefore must be taken very seriously.

Defamation is an offence which lowers the estimation of a person in the mind of the public through negative public statements about their character, family, behavior, reputation etc and can be punished with a term of imprisonment of up to two years.

Insult is a similar crime but turns on the use of offensive words against a victim or attributes acts to the victim, which necessitates punishment, if he commits. This charge will lead to a jail term of up to 3 years. Hassan Elhais and those he supervises have experience advising such cases and will work for the best possible outcome in any circumstance. Contact him to discuss the particulars of your case.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is another common crime in the UAE. It most commonly occurs between spouses, but encompasses child abuse and any other physical violence which occurs in the household.

Domestic violence includes, amongst other things, physical violence, sexual abuse, intimidation, threats or deprivation of rights. Penalties include:

  • Prison term
  • Hefty fines
  • Victim restitution order
  • This kind of crime is stated in the criminal record of the sentenced.

If you are facing a domestic violence-related charge, speak with the team about your options in advising the charge. Mr. Elhais has a proven record in the advising of such crimes.


The crime of theft is regulated in two ways in the UAE: simple and aggravated. Simple theft is the intentional removal of another's property without any violence or aggravating circumstances, while an aggravated theft charge generally involves the same crime with an element of threat, intimidation or violence. Penalties include:

  • Six months to life imprisonment
  • Hefty fines
  • Probation

Mr. Elhais is skilled in advising thefts of all circumstance and can steer you through to a successful outcome and found the best defence plans to deal with your cases on the best plans for defending your rights.

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