The Question: How to Authorise My Friend to Sign Documents on My Behalf?

I would like to authorise my friend who is an Emirati to sign documents instead of me when I’m not in the UAE. What’s the procedure? Can he also be authorized to sign a work contract or end one? Please advise what are the steps to get this kind of authorization?


In order for you to delegate your signing authority to another individual you would need to execute a Power of Attorney and have it notarized by a Notary Public in UAE. In the said Power of Attorney you may list down the powers you wish to give to your attorney. A holder of a POA can perform all actions on your behalf provided he/she has been authorized to perform such actions.

The power of attorney will need to be in Arabic for the Notary Public to notarize it. Therefore if the document is being prepared in English, it will need to be translated and certified by a Certified Legal Translator. The translated document can then be taken to any Notary Public office during working hours and executed by yourself.

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