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Publications: Property Law

Date Published: 26-09-2016

Dubai Property Agents Required to Verify Ownership Data Before Brokering Sales and Rental Deals

In my interview this week in The National newspaper, I spoke about how recent directions given by The Dubai Land Department (DLD) to brokers to verify ownership information before brokering sales and rental deals would help combat real estate fraud.
Date Published: 01-07-2016

Residents Must Be Alert to Property Fraudsters, UAE Legal Experts Warn

Legal experts say there are precautions residents can take to prevent being defrauded by bogus landlords and property agents.
Date Published: 12-07-2015

The Evolution of Dubai Real Estate Laws

The UAE property market has had a tumultuous history with the property bubble bursting during the global economic crisis of 2008. Since then, the real estate industry has seen much legislation introduced to boost the confidence of homeowners and investors and prevent the recurrence of the property crash. Mr Hassan Elhais highlights some of the key legal measures introduced over the years.
Date Published: 29-03-2015

Gulf News - Abu Dhabi Rent Committee Oversee Cases and Disputes

In my below interview with Gulf News, I explained the procedures that tenants can take regarding disputes with their landlord. Residents should be aware that there is a committee in each emirate that handles cases for both tenants and landlords.
Date Published: 13-11-2013

Gulf News - Silicon Oasis Tenants Asked to Vacate as Owner Seeks to Profit from Rising Rents

Mr Hassan Elhais is quoted in a Gulf News article outlining the legal situation in relation to a case where Silicon Oasis tenants were asked to vacate their properties at short notice so the landlord could rent the properties at a higher price to new tenants.
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