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DATE PUBLISHED: 2017-03-04

UAE Legal Q&As: What Can Friend Expect after Arrest over Medicine at Airport?

Question: A friend of mine called me recently to say that he had been arrested at Dubai airport for carrying prescription medicine without the prescription. I am a European who lives outside the UAE so I don't have much knowledge about such cases in the UAE. Can you tell me more?

Answer: It is unfortunate what happened to your friend but there are a list of medicines that cannot be brought into the UAE without having a prescription for them. UAE Criminal Law No 14 of 1995 and its amendments define and lists which medicines are banned or require a prescription to be presented. If a person is found to be in possession of such medicines without the right prescription, the accused could face a prison sentence of a minimum of six months and one that could potentially exceed two years jail and a fine of Dh10,000 plus deportation, in accordance with Article No 39 and 40 of the same law.

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