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Publications: Criminal Law

Date Published: 04-02-2017

UAE Legal Q&As: What Are the Laws on Suicide Attempts?

In last week's publication I discussed about the consequences for attempting to commit suicide in the UAE. I also discussed about fraud, specifically when one individual pretends to be someone else with an intention to commit fraud and cheat the victim.
Date Published: 15-12-2016

UAE Family Matters: What Is the Procedure for Applying for Bail after Being Detained?

In my interview this week in The National newspaper, I explained the conditions for requesting bail in the event of an arrest. I further explained whether or not it is possible to for a victim to request the public prosecutor to deny a bail.
Date Published: 07-11-2016

Gym Members Shocked as Fitness First Installs CCTV Cameras in Changing Rooms

In my interview this week in The National newspaper, I explained the legalities concerned with installation of cameras inside changing rooms of gymnasiums. I discussed the circumstances which would make it a criminal offence and how a civil claim for compensation could be pursued.
Date Published: 06-11-2016

What You Should Know about Identity Theft

In my interview this week in Gulf News newspaper, I explained about the issue of identity theft. I spoke about who the usual victims in such cases are and the manner in which fraudsters operate to extract personal information.
Date Published: 10-09-2016

Potential Fundraisers Warned Over Dubai's Strict Charity Law

In my interview this week in The National newspaper, I talked about the Fundraising Decree of Dubai, its effect and the manner in which fundraising can be done legally in Dubai.
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