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Publications: Criminal Law

Date Published: 21-07-2017

Man Kidnaps Daughter to Dubai After Losing Custody of Her in Kazakhstan, Court Hears

In my publication this week, I discussed about an ongoing case at our firm which was decided in our client's favour. To summarize, the case was filed on behalf of estranged wife to seek full custody of her daughter in the UAE. Before initiating proceedings in the UAE, both parties had...
Date Published: 16-07-2017

UAE Legal Q&As: Bank is Reneging on Credit Card Settlement

In my publication this week, I discussed about the legal implications involved in a debt collection case. I also discussed about the applicable articles of civil law and their relevance in similar cases.
Date Published: 07-07-2017

Valet Parking: What Are Your Rights in the UAE?

In this weekly publication, I discussed about legal implications, particularly rights and obligations of a car owner when he or she gives his or her car for valet parking. I started my discussion by elaborating the responsibility of a valet service provider in the event of an accident or damage. I also explained the steps that...
Date Published: 11-06-2017

UAE Legal Q&As: What Would Sentence Be for Someone Inhaling Glue in the UAE?

In my publication summary this week, I explained the applicable maximum sentence for sniffing glue in the UAE. I also explained about the legal process for a cheque bounce case in UAE.
Date Published: 25-05-2017

Dubai Court Rejects Extradition Request for 'Wanted' Russian Woman

In this publication summary, Mr. Hassan provided an insight into the extradition law in the UAE. The specific matter required Mr. Hassan to argue on the merits of the case, as well as on the procedural grounds. He also made reference to international treaty signed between countries in his arguments.
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