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H.H. Sheikh Saeed Bin
Mohammed Hashir Al Maktoum
Family Law

Legal Articles: Family Law

Date Published: 24-02-2016

Settlement Agreements

Mr. Hassan Elhais explains the second part of the of the guide through family court proceedings, outlining some of the common mistakes made by parties while entering into settlement agreements due to the absence of a...
Date Published: 23-02-2016

What happens after witness hearing

Mr. Hassan Elhais explains about the Witnesses in the family court. After the witnesses have made their statements in the Family Court, there is usually one more hearing after that in order to allow both the parties to comment on the...
Date Published: 08-02-2016

Divorce for UAE Resident Under UAE Family Law and Hindu Marriage Act 1995

Mr. Hassan Elhais explains the divorce for a U.A.E resident under U.A.E Family Law and Hindu marriage act 1995.
Date Published: 20-09-2014

Marriage Dissolution

The methods of dissolution of marriage for muslims and non muslims residing in the UAE.
Date Published: 17-11-2013

Family Dispute Resolution Mediation collaborative Law and Arbitration

Mr. Hassan Elhais explains the role of the family guidance committee in resolving family disputes.
Date Published: 12-11-2013

International Abduction

Mr. Hassan Elhais explains the difference between a guardians and a custodians and the age limits of children that determine their travel and passport responsibilities.
Date Published: 02-11-2013


Briefly explain the legal position in relation to custody/ parental responsibility following the breakdown of a relationship or marriage.
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