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H.H. Sheikh Saeed Bin
Mohammed Hashir Al Maktoum
Criminal Law

Legal Articles: Criminal Law

DATE PUBLISHED: oct 2, 2014

Five points you should know about breach of trust before you accuse somebody

  1. Breach of trust can only take place if the crime’s object was a movable property, whether it was money or document.
  2. Breach of trust takes place when the accused embezzles or uses or wastes what was delivered to him without a legal right.
  3. In order for breach of trust to take place the accused must receive the possession of the object only in one of the following cases: As a lease or trust or usage or mortgage or proxy.
  4. Unlike theft and fraud in order for breach of trust to take place the victim must suffer damages.
  5. In case a shareholder prevents the other shareholders from practicing their legal rights on their shares and takes those shares for his exclusive interest, such a shareholder can be charged for breach of trust.

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