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Arbitration Page

Legal Articles: Arbitration

Date Published: 21-04-2016

Should an arbitrator sign on all pages of the arbitration award

Under normal circumstances the general rule is that an arbitration award shall be valid only if signed on all pages by the arbitrator.
Date Published: 19-04-2016

Judgment in Maritime Arbitration Matter

Even if a Bill of Lading does not expressly contain an arbitration clause it might refer disputes to arbitration through the charterparty which may include an arbitration clause. The reference to arbitration shall be clear and...
Date Published: 17-04-2016

Annulment Covers Everything

In case of annulment of contract containing an arbitration clause the annulment shall extend to all clauses of the contract including the arbitration clause.
Date Published: 13-04-2016

The Right To Waive

Waiving the right to refer a dispute to arbitration can be expressed or implied, but must be clear an unambiguous for avoidance of doubt.
Date Published: 11-04-2016

A Challenging Issue

Arbitration proceedings must be immediately suspended if a party challenges the arbitrator while they are taking place, until resolution is made. If the arbitrator continues with the proceedings after such a challenge, any actions or...
Date Published: 07-04-2016

Does Signed Mean Sealed

Acceptance of an unauthorized signature on an arbitration agreement validates this signature and allows the contract to be considered as effective.
Date Published: 06-04-2016

Following The Procedures

Compliance with arbitration procedures by all parties is assumed, and the party claiming otherwise bears the burden of proof.
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