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Your search for the best property lawyer in Dubai ends here. One of the top legal firms in Dubai and UAE, Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultancy offers a whole suite of legal services for organizations and individuals. The consultancy is headed by Mr. Elhais, licensed legal consultant, with years of experience in domestic and international law. Whether you are a Dubai national or a foreigner looking to invest in property, Mr. Elhais can give you all the legal assistance.

Mr. Elhais and his team of legal advocates in Dubai have successfully executed excellent results in providing legal advice and assistance on numerous inheritance matters and asset division disputes. Whilst enforcing wills and assisting heirs to obtain their share through the courts, Mr. Elhais provides a high level of service to all his clients based in Dubai and across the UAE, using his analytical skills to achieve the best possible outcome. Mr. Elhais along with his team of property lawyers in Dubai has advised many expatriate clients both in the United Arab Emirates and beyond.

Drafting complex legal wills and guardianship custody agreements is just one of his unparalleled skills in inheritance law. As one of the best legal advocates in Dubai, he has successfully pleaded, on many occasions, before the courts to obtain a fair apportionment of assets as prescribed in a will or inheritance certificate.

If you have any questions about property disputes or legalities, you can always ask Mr. Elhais for his legal advice. Just fill up the form on our website with your contact details and explain your legal problem. You don’t have to worry as filling up this form doesn’t establish attorney-client relationship, nor does it mean that you are a prospective client of the consultancy. You can fill up the form with the confidence that your question will be addressed by the best property lawyers in Dubai.

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