Criminal Law

UAE criminal law contains many provisions derived from Islamic Shariah law that requires specific knowledge and understanding.

Mr. Elhais has a group of experienced criminal lawyers in Dubai and is well-equipped to assist with all types of criminal matters in the country.

From an initial inquiry to a complex criminal matter, every case is treated with the same degree of care and attention to detail. Mr. Elhais provides the utmost care in ensuring all clients are advised in a fair and lawful manner.

Mr. Elhais, top legal advisor in Dubai, is trained to handle complex litigation matters such as criminal fraud, breach of trust and drug cases. His relentless pursuit to ensure all cases are advised fairly and accurately and his commitment towards clients has helped him achieve many favourable verdicts in court.

The Right Criminal Lawyer in Dubai to Turn To

With more than 10 years’ experience Mr. Elhais has a team of criminal lawyers in Dubai, Mr. Elhais has a proven track record of providing the best criminal advice to those who are being investigated or facing prosecution for criminal offences.

Mr. Elhais works in tandem with his multi-talented team at Al Rowaad Advocates. This extensive and skilled network is a real asset to Mr. Elhais’s clients, with an exhaustive range of technology, experts and research databases, our criminal lawyer in Dubai ensures a timely, effective and — where necessary — creative response to any legal problem that may arise.

Mr. Elhais's results speak for themselves. His consistent success has earned him a hard-won reputation amongst the country's best legal consultants and criminal lawyers in Dubai. Mr. Elhais's busy practice is proud to receive referrals from an extensive range of people, including former clients.

Each legal professional within Mr. Elhais's team at Al Rowaad Advocates has the ability to prepare a robust case that will ensure every chance of success for his clients. As proof, he offers an initial free consultation in criminal cases to all prospective clients.

A Proven Track Record

Mr. Elhais, leading criminal lawyer in Dubai, has overseen cases which have achieved successful judgments in the most complex criminal matters. Mr. Elhais makes it a point to keep his clients and their families updated on progress during what can be a very stressful and complicated situation at every step of the process.

If you or a loved one has been arrested or charged under the criminal code, contacting Mr. Elhais should be one of your first steps, to arrange for absolutely confidential consultation. It is important all clients know their legal options and rights to ensure a hasty resolution.

Mr. Elhais has an unshakeable commitment to advising each of his clients with honesty, dedication and complete transparency; all terms of service regarding timing and expenses are outlined in all agreements and any communication from a client will receive a response from Mr. Elhais’s firm within 24 hours.

Mr. Elhais and his staff understand the importance of quick, effective and straightforward communication and are equipped to handle criminal cases across the UAE, in all seven emirates of the country, as well as taking cases in the federal courts. Because of his long involvement in the UAE’s criminal courts, Mr. Elhais has built successful working relationships across the board, including with other attorneys.

Selecting the right legal counsel is an overwhelming task, but is your best chance of reaching a successful resolution as quick as possible. Mr. Elhais and his team of criminal lawyers in Dubai and UAE are the experienced and trusted lawyers you need to protect your rights in criminal matters.

Mr. Elhais advises clients on direct appeal of their convictions and in post-conviction petitions and has a record of winning appeals in both Dubai courts and the United Arab Emirates Supreme Court.

A client’s case does not end in the trial court for Mr. Elhais. He maintains ongoing relationships with his clients so he can be of assistance as and when any future need arises.

The vast range of situations Mr Elhais and his team of expert criminal lawyers in Dubai are able to assist with includes, among other things:

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