Construction Law

In the UAE, construction covers a wide range of legal issues including contract law, bonds and bonding, guarantees and sureties, liens, tendering, construction claims, and related consultancy contracts. Construction law affects many participants in the construction industry in the UAE, including financial institutions, surveyors, architects, builders, engineers, construction workers, and planners.

Mr. Elhais has gained a considerable amount of experience in construction law. He has the ability to identify material issues relevant to a dispute to build a client-focused strategy to achieve positive results. Drafting complex agreements, memorandums of understanding and subcontracting agreements are just some of his skills in this field.

Mr. Elhais advised many construction companies on areas of construction law, including AECOM, one of the largest international companies in the field of engineering consultancy, Al Seif Contracting and many other international companies.

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