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Investors Win Dh84m Claim Against Developer in Dubai

In my publication this week, I discussed about a property case that I was involved in. One of the leading developers in Dubai failed to deliver villas (worth upto 84m) to three Asian investors in Dubai. During the construction phase, the…

Man Kidnaps Daughter to Dubai After Losing Custody of Her in Kazakhstan, Court Hears

In my publication this week, I discussed about an ongoing case at our firm which was decided in our client’s favour. To summarize, the case was filed on behalf of estranged wife to seek full custody of her daughter in the UAE. Before initiating proceedings in the UAE, both parties had obtained a final divorce and custody judgment in their home country. According to that judgment, the custody was awarded to the wife but the wife had agreed with her husband that allowed the daughter to travel with him every year. The problem started when the Husband traveled with his daughter to the UAE and cut-off all contacts or ties with the wife back home. This transpired proceedings against the Husband in the UAE. After hearing arguments from both sides, the court awarded full custody to the wife.

Bank is Reneging on Credit Card Settlement

In my publication this week, I discussed about the legal implications involved in a debt collection case. I also discussed about the applicable articles of civil law and their relevance in similar cases.