The Question: Can We Go to the Court and Request to Change of Local Sponsor Partner?

My partner local sponsor is ‎neither responding to my phone calls nor the emails and SMS, whereas my visa and establishment card have expired.

This gentleman was arranged by a document typing agent 9 years ago. We regularly pay him the agreed amount per year.

Since then, every time we needed him ‎for signature, or his ID copies the agent used to get it from him and he was actively performing between us. Now the agent seems to have gone back to India and we are in a fix as what to do, if the local sponsor does not respond us like he has done until today.

Can we go to the court and request to change of local sponsor partner?

What other options can I try to get my visas renewed?


Many thanks for contacting me. The same situation happens with the investors who are not carefully selecting their Local Sponsor. Basically, I advise securing three basic documents in order to incorporate a Local Partner in any Trade License, the three documents are (Memorandum of Understanding, Power Of Attorney and annual sponsorship payment Receipts). You will shorten your Journey of changing the existing Local Partner if you have access to the documents mentioned above.

Try to keep searching for the local partner by contacting the other companies that he is also sponsoring since they may provide you his/her new contact details.

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